La Playade #09 (Novembre 2017) à l’Indiecade Europe


0.01.59 Previously on La Playade
0.04.17 Le Journal
0.14.00 Assassin’s Creed Origins
0.27.11 Des accords
0.36.50 First
0.41.05 Reportage : l’IndieCade Europe 2017
1.06.07 FlipZone (ICAN)
1.14.35 Le Point VR
1.23.08 Snack (Carrots and Cream / Super Cat Bros / Pocket Mortys / Gunman Taco Truck)
1.27.49 Stardew Valley
1.36.20 Quartiers Libres
1.41.38 «Double Kick Heroes» par Elmobo

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Brie Code, Pastagames, Dark Train, Do Not Feed The Monkey, Keyboard Sports, Cosmic Top Secret, Where The Goats Are, Hidden Folks, Bounden, A Guy And His Hero, Antventor, Double Kick Heroes…